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Reliable testing of the JK wrangler headlights.

Tests done as below:

1. Optical test.

Optical test done in the 20m long dark room to test the lumen distribution. During 

the test, we could choose the DOT, ECE or others regulation standards and measure

 if these JK Wrangler headlights are compliant.

2. Dust proof test.

Dust proof test performed to ensure the headlights will not affected by the rough 

road condition and weather.

3. Salt spray test.

Salt spray test done to make sure that the headlights are corrosion resistant. 

The headlight was put into 5% concentration salt spray fog last for 72h.

4. Vibration test.

Vibration testing simulates the rough conditions that the lights will go through 

when put on the vehicles. The headlight is turning on and vibrated last for 1 hours 

at X, Y, and Z axis.

5. Temperature and Humidity test.

Temperature and Humidity test. Tested at +60℃ and 90% humidity for 10h to 

ensure the lights continue to function under the most extreme weather condition.

6. Thermal test.

Thermal test was done to figure out if the heat was spread into the air. The junction

 temperature of LEDs is much lower than the Max junction temperature. The LEDs 

could work efficiently all the time and longer life span.

7. Hitting.

The JK Wrangler headlights with hard coated, high impact PC cover yellow 

resistant, scratch resistant.