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Vehicle Smart Color Changing LED Lighting System

Aug 26, 2017


smart lighting solution.jpg

Smart color changing LED lighting system with APP for Jeep, Pickup, SUV, TRUCK, ATV, UTV and Boat. The system allow all the RGB color changing lights to be controlled on the APP. The APP could function all the lights controlled with the features of the APP built in.

With this smart LED lighting system you could control all the RGB color changing lights with a phone. Rock lights, ambient lights, headlights, light bars, work lights, fog lights, LED strips and those who is comging with RGB LED chips, via the APP to change the color and flash mode. These will make your vehicles stand out from the crowded. The APP the is extendible for many other funny features in near future.

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1. Waterproof housing and waterproof plug-n-play wire connectors.

2. Unique and strong outlook-compare to the small thin “white box” controller on current market.

3. Unique functions and APP UI.




Color pallet-tap to choose any color.Music sync-play music and the color will change with the rhythm. 



Multi-color modes-The color changes automatically.Microphone sync-The color will change with the sound input.



Custom color-define the color you want to show.
Color picker-pick up the color you see and show on the halo ring.