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Smart Car Headlight

Oct 11, 2017

As we know the high beam of the headlights is driving beam which could light up the road further and wider. So as to offer the drivers better vision at night. But it is useless and even cause potentially dangerous if turn on the high beam of oncoming cars, heavy rain, foggy, sandstorm, and snow.

The smart car headlight that could sense sounding objects and avoid blinding the other drivers or shine directly to the objects. It won’t make the drivers blinded themselves by the glare during the extreme weather. With these smart car headlight the drivers could use the high beam as driving beam and passing beam both, in a word the smart car headlight has only one beam.


The smart car headlight could track the other vehicles or objects and blackout the parts of the beam that would blind the other drivers or objects. It can even block out narrow slivers of the light could reflect off raindrops or snowflakes and cause glare. All the actions are smart controlled.


Recent years, many automakers and lighting makers develops smart lighting system such as AUDI Matrix LED System, MERCEDES-BENZ MultiBeam LED, and BMW Intelligent Headlight.

BMW Intelligent Headlight

AUDI Matrix LED System


smart car LED headlight.png