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VehicleRGB Exclusive unique LED controller and APP

Aug 18, 2017

1. Unique outlook.

Our controllers are unique, different to any controller on the current market. These will help you win the customers. VehicleRGB controller is Bluetooth connective, it is the best connection. Some of those are WIFI connective on current market which means that you can’t connect to the internet when you are using the controller.

2. Strong Bluetooth connection.

VehicleRGB Bluetooth controller have been sold for near 3 years. All the functionality are improved times and times and now they are perfect.  The Bluetooth connection is more stable than the competitors. The efficient distance as long as 30meters, no worry connection broken.

3. Waterproof controller IP67.

VehicleRGB controllers are waterproof and dustproof to ensure they are functioning in different rough situations. 

VehicleRGB controllers are designed for vehicles use, but the competitors are for indoor lighting use.

VehicleRGB controllers could controlled the other RGB color changing lights.

4. Plug & Play.

The VehicleRGB controllers are plug and play, come with waterproof plug connectors and TURN ON/OFF switch wire. 

5. Friendly UI design and various functions.

Additionally, our APP is upgrading regularly with fresh functions so as to the users won’t tired of them. The APP is developed for vehicle lighting and it is extendable for many modules. The competitors APP is used for indoor lighting with few functions, simple program, and bad UI design. These APP won’t upgraded and maintained.