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What’s E-mark? Why E-mark is must? What’s the regulation the headlights must be compliant?

Aug 12, 2017

Fistly, E-mark is ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) regulation approval mark which is containing the approval details of the country of the European test agency granting approval, marking category, and homologation approval number. The E-mark proved that your products meet and compliant with the corresponding regulation requirements.

E marked by the European Commission in accordance with the mandatory members of the EU Directive motor vehicle use, security components and systems of certification mark.

If you are using and selling products for vehicle use without E mark they would bring you legal trouble what’s more they could harm your vehicles and bring your families in dangerous.

ECE regulations applicable to all EU members and isn’t mandatory standards, meanwhile these members could execute their local regulation. So, the products could access to the local market with E mark in any EU States and street legal.

The headlights must be ECE 112R compliant in the EU states mandatorily. The headlights affect the vision of the drivers and the oncoming drivers directly. If your headlights aren’t certified and not correctly aiming they may glared the other drivers. It would be a seriously potential dangerous. By then you maybe in legal trouble. So, if you are buying or reselling the headlights please make sure that they are really ECE R112 certified and approval.

Most of us must have met the damn situation as below:


So please make sure your headlights are regulation compliant, aiming correctly and using correctly.

VehicleRGB as a professional in automotive lighting industry, VehicleRGB made headlights are ECE R112 DOT FMVSS 108 compliant. The approval tests are conducted and authorized by the authoritative inspection company such as TUV SUD and AMECA.

The beam patterns of VehicleRGB Jeep JK projector headlights are listed as below:

image003.jpgECE left hand drive headlights cut off beam pattern. 
DOT left hand drive headlights cut off beam pattern. 
ECE right hand drive headlights cut off beam pattern. 

These Jeep JK projector headlights are DOT FMVSS 108 and ECE 112R compliant. They are street legal in EU and North American. They won’t glare at the oncoming drivers.