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App Controlled Smart Car Ambient Lighting

Sep 22, 2017

The recent years, many automakers are considering using car ambient lighting inside of their cars. The car ambient lighting could be many color and even could change color these would make the cabin nicer and luxury. 

In addition, some car ambient lighting are smart APP controlled, they could work with different modes and features and offer many DIY functions, they could make the cabin as a romantic place, disco place, gentle place, and other theme place. 

In a word the ambient lighting are playful and interesting, so that drivers and passengers would not feel boring during driving.

On current automotive aftermarket industry, many car ambient lighting for sales and they are not only used inside of the cars but also under body, front grill, wheels, and other position. There are three types car interior ambient lighting on the aftermarket industry.

1.       Flexible LED strip. These LED strips could change color and also are APP controlled or remote controlled. They are also installed at the foot well.

2.       Bendable fiber-optic. These bendable fiber-optic could change color and are APP controlled. The fiber-optic are clear when the LEDs are turn off. They could be cut off at any length and bent into any space.


3.       EL wire. The EL wire are not clear and can’t change color.

The APP controlled car ambient lighting will be more and more popular in the near future.

VEHICLERGB is a professional in automotive lighting industry. We design and produce smart LED lighting for vehicles.

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