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APP Controlled Car Lights

Aug 31, 2017

APP controlled car lights are becoming popular. On current aftermarket, more and more lights are controlled by APP. The APP connect with the controller wirelessly and control the lights indirectly. Such as headlights with halo, light bars with halo, fog lights with halo, underbody lights, and interior lights etc. The APP could control and switch the functioning of the lights.


These APP controlled car lights above stated are almost built with RGB LED chips which will illuminate millions of color to make your cars stand out from crowded and super cool. With the functions built in the APP, the lights could work at different styling in different condition, for instance sync to the music, Christmas theme, Halloween theme, breathing gradual change, multiple color strobe, camera color picker, and microphone mode etc. We could also collectively call these APP controlled car lights as ambient lights like they decorate the cars with different styles.


On the current market, many LED controller for sales, such as IR LED controller with remote, WIFI LED controller, and Bluetooth LED controller. The WIFI LED controller and Bluetooth LED controller could allow users to control the APP controlled car lights on the APP. But the WIFI LED controller will have some problem which will make the users phone without internet.


VehicleRGB is a professional in vehicle smart lighting sector. VehicleRGB manufacture various ambient lights for example halo headlights, interior lights, underbody lights, and halo rings. We are building a smart system to hold these APP controlled car lights together into one system.

Our first generation APP have been sold for 3 years. The APP comes with music sync, color palate, microphone mode, multiple color changing, and camera picker etc. It is upgraded many times to remove bugs and to improve the user experience.


And now, our generation two APP is under building, it will be refreshed with many funny features and functions.

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