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AFS (adaptive Front-lighting System)

Oct 16, 2017

It is the most important to improve the brightness and visibility on the basis of decrease the driving fatigue and increase the safety when driving at night.

AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) could adaptive the light distribution on the front road according to the rotation of wheel steel and speed of the car.


When turning, the headlights will light up the road side the car is turning to so that the drivers could see the much more than without AFS.

The AFS headlight could produces special light to decrease the glare reflected off by the water on the road when raining.

When driving on the freeway, the AFS headlight would light up the road further and wider according to the speed. So as to offer the drivers better visibility.

When driving at the urban, the AFS headlight would change the beam pattern to become wider to make the drivers could see clearly the road and the road side.

In additional, the AFS headlight could be added many other features such as raining, vibrating, snowing, climbing, and rough road etc.